Friday, January 23, 2009

Task and a Przie

Ok...i need your help. I work for a staffing company and we give out weekly promotions to our customers or companies that we are trying to make our customers. Each office needs to come up with 10 catchy promotions to go along with an item that you can find for under $1.00....i will give you some examples.
  • Nails....we put some nails in a snack size Ziploc and added a label that read: Need a staffing agency that is tough as nails? Tough times call for tougher staffing professionals.....
  • Pickles....No Matter what kind of staffing pickle you find yourself in, we have a Dilly of a solution! Give us a call today
  • Grab and go pack Fruit Loops...We Jump Through Hoops To Keep From Sending You Fruit Loops! With Our Proven Interview Process, Our Prove It Testing, Background Screening and Drug Testing ...The Only Fruit Loop You Will Get, From Mancan Will Be For Breakfast…..Give Us A Call Today-

You get the idea? Our company name is Mancan...

So....if you can come up with any clever sayings and you hav the best one....i will give away a $25.00 WalMart gift card to the person who has the best catchy phrases!! Just leave me a comment with the phrase, i will jot them all down and I will announce a winner on Monday January 26th!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Tabi said...

Oh, this is so not my area!!! I will keep thinking about it but I can't wait to see what others come up with! The name Mancan should be able to used very well!!!

kimber p said...

I'm obsessed with Pez..I thought maybe a Pez dispenser with the candy and a little card that says "Need a reliable employee? Let our staff at Mancan be the first thing that *POPS* into your head!"

lol....I like it!! maybe that's because I've been up since 6 and have had 3 cups of coffee??

Cathy said...

Need someone for the job? Call Mancan. Your "post" will be filled with the best! (Post-it Notes)

Not sure if you can find a post-it note under a $1....well maybe you can at a Dollar Store?

angi_b72 said...

great so far...keep them coming!!

April said...

How about fill up a baggie with some Lifesavers and say something like, "Need a little help or assistance...let ManCan be your lifesaver."

That's the best I have...I'll keep thinking! :)

Propane Amy said...

I never thought i would get into advertising but there's a first for everything....LOL

"The other guys say they can give you the best. Mancan WILL give you the best."

kimber p said...

OOH! OOH! I just thought of another one...

get some shiny, new pennies..put them in a piece of netting with a ribbon..with a card that says "we can fulfill your wishes for great employees like pennies from heaven..."

thats good, right?

B said...

I wish I could come up with something half as good as what has been mentioned already. I'm going to think about this. I may be back.

Cindy said...

I'll be thinking on this one-I'm like Tabi, not my area, sorry

angi_b72 said...

not mine either that is why I am getting everyone elses help!! I did come up witha good one using picture frames though! "Picture this, 7a-8p M - F, 7a-7p S-S, tested apllicants, competitive rates...Picture us today at... then have a picture of our logo in the frame! See...clever when i want to be right? lol

Lynette said...

Rolaids or Tums:
You will never have to pop one of these with Mancan on the job.

bag of chips:
Let staffing at Mancan be a chip off the old block.

Mini Calander:
Mancan is here 352 days of the year.

Hershey Hugs and Kisses:
You will want to shower us with X & O's when your staffed by Mancan

Bag of hard candies:
(Sung to the tune the Candyman)

Who can take your staffing,
tackle it we do.
Cover it with employees and a miracle or two
The Mancan, the Mancan can
The Mancan, the Mancan can
We fix it with love, makes your world work as it should.

Who can take the workplace, wrap it with a sign
Staff it with fun and make it easy as pie
The Mancan, the Mancan can
The Mancan, the Mancan can
We fix it with love, makes your world work as it should.

The Mancan makes everything we make
Satisfying and guaranteed
Working with your employees are your wishes.
You can even hire the staffers.

Who can take tomorrow, make it like a dream.
Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
The Mancan, the Mancan can
The Mancan, the Mancan can
We fix it with love, makes your world work as it should.

The Mancan, the Mancan can
The Mancan, the Mancan can
We fix it with love, makes your world work as it should.

I may be too late but hope these help. I did not see a winner listed on Monday?

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