Monday, September 29, 2008

And she handled it like a champ!!

My youngest daughter who is 8, in the third grade, ran for Student council this year. I don't remember being in student council this young, but hey...times they are a changin'. Anyway, she made a nice poster and made a speech. Today was the election. I had already talked to her about the possibility of losing the other day and she was good. She got in the car with her poster today, I said, "well, how did it go?" She said, " I lost, Jane Doe won it" very upbeat and fine about it. I said, "Well we talked about that, right" she said, "I know, I congratulated her, I have alot more times to try to win it!" I about cried....what a champ. Her first, and I am sure not last defeat...she took it well! I am proud of her for even having the courage to run for that position.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slowly but surely....

Our house is coming along, slowly but surely. Starting to feel warm and fuzzy. The pink room is Emily's we worked on it tonight. The green room is our bedroom...yes that is John's Dora blanket, he can't sleep with out her!! lol The dining room has becone the catch all while we are unpacking. That and Macy and Evan's room are the next ones...then I should be ready for a yard sale!! I have so much crap that I don't need!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my favorite room!! NOT, this is the first thing to be fixed!!
Our house
Our living room
Our progress
the dining room
One of the kids rooms

This is our new house. I know, I should be an expert at moving....but this it it...I promise!! And this was the worst move yet! Maybe because I am 36, carrying more weight, I don't know...but it suked big time! Anyway welcome to our new home. Here are some before pictures...stay tuned for the after shots!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a feeling...

I know school has only been in session for a couple of weeks for my oldest daughter....BUT, what a great feeling it is to look at her grades online and see A, A-, A+, A.....I am so proud of her!! Last year was a struggle with bringing her work home and actually doing far so good this year!! Keep it up Em!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ups & Downs of Life

My, I could probably write a book or be a Lifetime movie!!
I think I was lost for a long time. That is the only way to explain it. I wasn't raised the wrong way, I didn't have a bad childhood, I had a great family life, very close and very involved, great siblings, great memories....the only thing I can conclude was that I was lost!!
I feel like I have gotten a second chance at life. I have two great kids...most of the time. I have an awesome family and a wonderful man. I am not going to disappoint any of them! The past is the past and although some mistakes are hard to forgive myself for I am trying. If it wasn't for my family or my girls I don't know where I would be.
There were times when I put myself first ALL the time. Selfishness...what an awful trait to have. I would like to say that I have finally outgrown that. If I can make my girls remember one thing in life it will be, don't be could ruin you!
I hope my kids can look back at their childhood and say that is was as good as mine was. I have the best childhood memories! My mom and dad were/are the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Stern but loving...very loving. Granted my parents have been married for 30+ (almost 40) years, and I am girls have adapted and they have overcome alot! This used to worry me, but seeing them growing up as loving, happy, smart girls...I am ok with it now.
All I want now is to settle in a house that they can call home, no more moving, and make the best of every minute of the rest of their lives. I know the rest will fall into place from there.
Thank you to everyone who has endured the hard times and the pain, the highs and the lows in my life, and the ones who will be there until the end!! I love you guys and honestly don't know where I would be without you. Especially my mom and dad!! Here is to a new life, I am finally loving myself!!