Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop with "The Kat"

Joining in, for the first time ever, on Mama Kat's Writers Workshop!!

Go check her out...she is COOL!!! Not only her Writer's Workshop but OMG-osh...her "blogversations" are too freaking funny!!

I am choosing the prompt,

"What are your kids talking about?" kids...if I told you everything that they are talking about we would be here all day, trust me! I have a 9 year old that talks NON STOP!! kids are all a-buzz about my sister being home. Her, her husband and her kids are here visiting from kids are HAPPY. We are having a surprise 60th birthday party on Friday for my parents whose birthdays are 3 days apart...the kids are excited.

My 14 year old I would imagine is talking to her friends at school right now about how "mean" her mom is for 1st grounding her from the computer earlier this week and 2nd from her cell phone last night. I can hear her now....that sweet little Angel O'mine...and of course the boy talk....i am sooooo sick of hearing about boys...i don't think I even liked boys at age 14?

On that note...I would like to take a minute to apologize to my mother...if I acted like that when I was 14....i am so very sorry...from the bottom of my heart I am sorry! Just be thankful that I didn't have a cell phone and computer and Facebook back then...that wouldn't have been pretty I am sure!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here I am.....

I am sorry to all of my faithful blog readers. I did not fall off the face of the earth...I am still here. Things are going great and truthfully I just needed a break.
My sister and her family are home from California this week!! So great to see them. The kids are getting so big...and that boy....what a cutie!! My sister has her hands full there for sure!! Thank god for my girls...i don't think I cold handle a boy, hat off to her for sure!!
Saturday we all walked up to a ball game at the HS in our town...chilly it was! Then Saturday evening we all, 12 of us, went out to eat at a local Pizza place. Fun times!! Then the kids all went back to grandma's to color eggs. It was finally time to go home to get ready for Easter morning and church. Sunday morning we all went to church...12 of us again....after that we hung out at mom's all day. We had alot of fun playing outside, basketball, badminton, and the best of all....CORNHOLE!! What a fun time!!!
The girls have been great, good grades this last quarter, they both got all A's and B's!!! Macy has been losing teeth left and right...hasn't hindered her talking ability at all though! :) Emily is boy crazy...and once again grounded from FB...I am not she will ever learn!!
I have been doing great. I have a new "friend" that I am having alot of fun with. He makes me laugh and we have a great time together...that is all that is important right now....he is great to me and my girls....we will see what happens. So far so good.
I have pictures to post from over the weekend...i will try to get them on tonight maybe. Now I am going to go try to do some catching up on my blog reading...yucky rainy day here is is why not play catch up.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools


I have decided to put my two weeks notice in as of today. The following are just a few reasons why:

10. I hate getting up so early while all my loser friends who don’t have jobs, get to sleep in.
9. We don’t have home made breakfast waiting for us every morning, what’s up with that!
8. I have a callous on my left pinky toe due to wearing dress shoes all day long….
7. The Marietta office prank calls me all day long while breathing really heavy over the phone and I can’t get my work finished..( I’ve asked them to stop several times, but they won’t ….I think I have a crush on one of them now. )
6. If I have to say “It’s a great day at Mancan” one more time while I have really bad cramps, I think I may just have to shoot someone.
5. I have nightmares sometimes that Jennifer Smith came back to Mancan, and I have to read all her ridiculous emails going on and on and on…
4. Every morning when I come to work, Terri makes me stand on one leg and sing the National Anthem, in Spanish! She said it does me good, since Spanish is the 2nd language now these days!
3. Terri & Jen’s idea of “Casual Friday” is wearing their Mancan shirts with no pants. I really can’t take seeing them in their G-strings anymore.
2. Doug Allen has now started to email me at home for jobs…
And the number one reason I am quitting:
I have found on several occasions that for free advertisement due to the cut backs, Terri has put my name and number on the bathrooms doors of many public places and it says: For a free “ job”, call Beth at Mancan!