Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not real appetizing.......

But he wanted a CAMOUFLAGE cake for his birthday?

So this is my version of a "camo" smells good...tell you how it was after the party!
(PS...I am sure none of you will be calling me to decorate a cake anytime soon....after the fact I should have called my friend Kim....we'll see what she has to say about this!! lol

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My 8 year old......

After a long day of interviewing obviously!! lol Good job Macy for making the TImes Recorder!! :)
ZANESVILLE - Doing her best to jump her highest and cheer her loudest, Jillian Chernick got a taste of what it's like to be a cheerleader this weekend.

"I learned a lot," said the five-year-old. "It was fun."
Chernick and many other young girls participated in the West Muskingum Cheerleading Clinic at West Muskingum High School on Saturday.
"We hold this every year, and we'll do another one for basketball season in mid-February," said cheerleading advisor Lindsay Arick.
Arick said 32 girls in kindergarten through fourth grade participated in the three-hour event.
Most of the clinic involved practicing different cheers and learning various movements.
The girls held up their arms in the shape of a "Y," then clapped and chanted "G-O; let's go." Then they picked up the pace and got louder and more enthusiastic.
As proud parents began filing into the high school gymnasium, instructors reviewed what the young cheerleaders learned for the day. Then the girls proudly slipped blue, yellow and white shirts on before they showcased their talents in front of their families.
Screaming with excitement, the girls clapped along to the fight song, then kicked, jumped and cheered their hearts out.
After their successful practice session, all the girls were invited to cheer at one of the school's football games.
"They'll perform at the middle school youth league football home game Friday against Sheridan," Arick said. "They'll cheer the whole first half of the game with us. The girls did a great job. They learned a lot and seemed to enjoy it."
Macy Beem, 8, was one of them.
"I thought this would be a fun thing to do, and it was," she said. "I learned a lot, and I like all the cheers. I'm excited about cheering at the game."
During the clinic, several of the high school cheerleaders gave their time and expertise to help the young girls learn the ins and outs of cheering.
"This was fun," said 17-year-old senior Devin Lucas. "It was a good learning experience, and it was good to get the younger kids involved. They participated well."

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Locator.....

Sunday October 5th was my boyfriend John's 36th birthday. Although he had a "happy" birthday, there was a sadness about him that lingered on throughout the day. At one point I said, "are you OK?" he said, "you haven't ever been around me on my birthday before, it isn't the best day of the year for me". Enough said, I knew exactly what he was referring to.

John was adopted 3 days after he was born. (Now, I have had friends and family members who have been adopted, but I guess the impact of it never really hit home until I spent the day with John on his birthday.) He was without a "parent" for those 3 days in a nursery somewhere in Indiana. All he knows about his birth mom is that she was young when she gave birth to him. Nothing else. John has a sister who was also adopted, but from a different birth mother. After spending every bit of $5000.00 on looking for her birth mom, she found out that she wanted nothing to do with her. This has kind of discouraged John from looking for his I believe. my curiosity and in my seeing John on his birthday, wondering about all the unknowns and the what ifs...I am now on a mission. I have registered him on all the adoption registry sites that I find, I have read stories about people searching and about reunions that would make the devil cry. Very interesting and some unbelievable. I have even contacted Troy Dunn...The Locator, which by the way is an awesome show! (watch for John on there someday - ha ha) Anyway, all we have to go by is his birth certificate, no names, no nothing. He knows his heritage is Irish, how I am not sure, but he does know that. His mom and dad have no information on the adoption and I guess at one time made a grave effort to find her for John, but had no luck.
So wish me luck and if you have any suggestions or helpful advice I can certainly use it. This is kind of an addiction, I just keep hoping one day there will be an email from his mother...I know how badly John wants to know this woman, how awesome would that be if I could make that happen? That satisfaction in itself is worth every second I put into this journey!!