Monday, September 29, 2008

And she handled it like a champ!!

My youngest daughter who is 8, in the third grade, ran for Student council this year. I don't remember being in student council this young, but hey...times they are a changin'. Anyway, she made a nice poster and made a speech. Today was the election. I had already talked to her about the possibility of losing the other day and she was good. She got in the car with her poster today, I said, "well, how did it go?" She said, " I lost, Jane Doe won it" very upbeat and fine about it. I said, "Well we talked about that, right" she said, "I know, I congratulated her, I have alot more times to try to win it!" I about cried....what a champ. Her first, and I am sure not last defeat...she took it well! I am proud of her for even having the courage to run for that position.

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Lori said...

way to go girl! remind her that Michael Jordan was cut from his JR high or HS basketball team! She could still be president one day!