Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Born

My First Born!
Sandy over at the Adams Family did this and I thought I would join! It's about my first born!
1. Were you married at the time? Yes!
2. What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? My world cam to a screeching halt. I was 21, partying, and NOT ready for a child by any means...however (before you all think, "oh how awful)..I soon became excited and ended up loving being pregnant!
3. How old were you? 21
4. How did you find out? Well....i told you I was 21...and in my partying stage, right? You see....I liked....loved Tequila...loved it. Drank it more than I should have at times. Well...one night I had A shot...ONE shot, ran to the bathroom and immediately got sick. I didn't know what could have been wrong...i never got sick on that. Lo & behold the next day I took a pregnancy test....POSITIVE!!!
5. Who did you tell first? Our friends Chad and Stacy. They were there when I took the test. Then my sister and parents
6. Did you want to find out the sex? heck yea...i can't wait for anything!!
7. Due date? Feb 17, 1995
8. Did you deliver late or on time? Late, Feb 22, 1995.
9. Did you have morning sickness? Not at all
10. What did you crave? Lemon Heads, the candy...then later like the last 2 months Adornetto's Salads (local pizza place here)
11. Who/what irritated you the most? I got hot very easy...but I really liked being pregnant!
12. What was your first child's sex? A girl!
13. How many pounds did you gain throughout pregnancy? omg....alot...like 60? lol
14. Did you have any complications during pregnancy? nope, not until i went to have her.
15. Where did you give birth? Good Sam Zanesville, Ohio.
16. How many hours were you in labor? about 24 hours....but only had back labor
17. Who drove you to the hospital? my husband at the time!
18. Who watched? Just him!
19. Was it natural or c-section? C Section.
20. Did you take medication to ease the pain? after awhile i got an epidural so that I could rest, they knew that it would be morning before the Dr would come in and take her C section. I wouldn't dilate...
21. How much did your child weigh? 7lbs. 9oz.
22. Did your child have any complications? None! Thank God!
23. What did you name her? Emily Dawn
24. How old is your first born today? 13 Soon to be 14! Scary!!!


Aubrey said...

So sweet! I loved seeing all of your answers!
I'm going to have to remember this one for when I have a blog blah day!

April said...

I saw this on Sandy's blog this morning...I'll definitely have to follow suit...such fun to read!

Cammie said...

this is a good one!

kimber p said...

I'm definitely doing this one :)

sandy said...

Craving Lemon Heads!LOL!

Cindy said...

I'm joining in too! It was fun....

Doublebanker said...

Good information post...have to have my wife try that questionaire with our first. Lets see how much I remember...hmmm

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The Wife O Riley said...

That is really nice!

I have an award for you!