Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Award time....& 4th post today ~

I was honored to reveived this unique award from Wife O Riley...thank you so much!~ Check out her blog...she is awesome!!
Luckily I am in a "nice" mood today or I wouldn't be able to fullfill the first rule that goes along with this award...
The set of rules...
1. Say a nice thing to a man in your life.
I told John today that I loved him and that I am proud of him...14th day of sobriety!!!
2. List at least six ways you measure success in your life.
1) my kids accomplishments
2) money in the bank
3) a complete work week
4) a happy family
5) "I love you"s
6) encouragement
7) True friends

3. Assign five other worthy blogs
Have fun guys!!!


Small House said...

Visiting from SITS! Have a good day.

Aubrey said...

Hey girl! I came over for a quick visit and am walking away with a BIG smile! THANK YOU!
How proud John should be of himself for 14 days! Here is to MANY more days of sobriety ahead!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

14 days!!! COngrats to him!

April said...

Congrats on your awesome award!!! So happy to hear that John is doing well...what an accomplishment! That's so great!

kimber p said...

aw Thanks Angie :) I had no clue you even gave me this..lol I was just interested in seeing the award you gave to Amy...lol You're such an awesome friend :)

Anonymous said...

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