Friday, February 13, 2009

Follow up Friday

Friday the 13th huh? Anyone out there superstitious? I heard on the radio this morning that in America 1 billion dollars are lost every time the 13th falls on Friday due to superstitious people cancelling flights, trips, calling off work etc....CRAZY. I myself am not superstitious.
My friend Kim hasn't called yet for an update to her surgery, so I can't share anything about that with you just yet. As soon as I hear anything though i will be sure to pass it on!
The post here about John's possible birth mother....we got the DNA test in the mail this week and sent it in, she sent hers n hopefully by the end of the week we will know something. They have talked on the phone a couple of times and via IM....very interesting to say the least. If this is not his birth mom....than it is one hell of a coincidence!!
My daughter asked me at the beginning of the week if we would take her and some friends to see Friday the 13th.....I said, "do you know how many people will be trying to get in to see that on Friday the 13th?" So I promised to take her in a week or so....what is one more "Jason" movie? lol
John is on his 30th day of sobriety....exactly one month today and still doing great, still not even craving a for a job!! It is nice having him home, house is kept clean, laundry is done, etc...but it isn't good for him, he is getting stir crazy.
I went to my first weight watchers meeting last night....I think I can do this. I am kind of excited about it too. I am allowed so many points a day, so far today I have done well. Breakfast I had, hard boiled egg, plain english muffin, for a snack i had a 100 calorie cheese nips and an apple. Lunch I had yogurt, 1/2 a muffin, 100 calorie snack, so far so good today. My problem is, I am not a breakfast eater. If I eat breakfast i am hungry all day long it we will see....i ran off a bunch of recipe's and points today, so I will be doing my "weight watchers" grocery shopping this weekend!!
I am sooooo glad today is Friday.....this has been one long week!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
Now i have to go, i need to find a new route home since a black cat just crossed my path!!


Kristina P. said...

I know there was a plane crash today, so maybe there's some truth to it!

Cammie said...

that is quite an update! Good luck with the DNA deal, I myself cannot wait to see the new Jason movie....and YEAH for 30 days!!

Kristen said...

Good luck with WW...I did it online and I really liked it after the first 2 weeks (that's always the hardest part for me)

I hope all goes well with the blood tests

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

Anonymous said...

Yay for sobriety!

Yeah, that plane crash is an hour from where I scary and sad.

As far as weight watchers, my boss started it at the beginning of the year and has been doing awesome one it. It's even trickled over onto me and I've been trying a lot of the recipes which are suprisingly good!

Good luck!

sandy said...

I'm so glad to hear that John is working hard to stay sober! That's great! Good luck with the possible birth mother. I hope that she's the one:0)

DiPaola Momma said...

WOW you ROCK if you can sit through those flicks.. I'm a whimp AND married to a horror fan!! I'm also here doing my Clicky thing.. I've been bad at keeping it up SORRY!

The Wife O Riley said...

Way to go John!!!

A little tip I learned at WW. They want you to journal what you eat, I journaled before I ate anything and just at what was on the list. It was a lot easier. Good Luck!

Island Girl said...

Popping in from SITS!

That's crazy that people cancel all those things on Friday the 13th, I don't think I gave it a second thought!

Good luck with WW! It's a good thing you're hungry after breakfast - your metabolism is up and kickin' :) Woohoo!

Colleen said...

Goodness! I fall of the Earth for a week and you have so much happening! Congrats and good luck with everything, and pass it along to John. Cannot wait to get an update next week.

Aubrey said...

Friday the 13th's are just another day for me! No superstitions here! LOL

Yeah for 30 days! That is great!

You will have to let me know how you like WW. My mom did it for a year and dropped lots of weight. I don't know if I could be that committed! LOL