Friday, November 28, 2008

Give me an "L"

kori posted a meme on her blogi thought i'd play alongshe sent me the letter L .
This is my first meme. I have to name 10 things but they all had to start with a letter that I was given. So here I go. My letter is L.
  1. Long legs, my grandpa used to always comment on my long legs, which don't seem as long anymore!
  2. Loving mom....even on the not so good days I try my hardest!
  3. Lemon heads candy...i was addicted to tehse when i was pregnant with my first daughter.
  4. Lori and 2 favorite sisters!!!
  5. Live my life one day at a time, some days are better than others of course, but I try not to lose focus.
  6. Licorce....have you ever stopped and thought about where that name for a candy ever came from? lol
  7. Looking forward to the weekend....they are never long enough!
  8. Labor....I have 2 kids and never really experienced labor pains!!
  9. Lucky me!!! lol
  10. Lotion, I love my body butter, sweet pe is my fav!!

Well there you have first was rather tough though believe it or not, although I am thankful I didn't ahve an x or a z!!!

Let me know if you would like a lettter and I will send you one!


Lori said...

okay...i just did one on mine!

kimber p said...

what exactly is a 'meme'? I'd like a letter please! :) also, Ang..we tried listening to the Heather Pick cd on the way to Columbus yesterday..big you warned me I love it so far :)

JANE said...

Great list!! I had a "J" which was very apropriate for me, LOL!!